"Latinos A Morir" (LAM) Means Business by Giovanni Gonzalez

The concept of Latinos A Morir started out as a gathering of friends at a house in Berkeley in 2001. Although the initial group of friends had different majors, ethnicity, and nationality, we all had a key values in common: ambition, care for our community, love of life and Latin American culture.

Now, LAM consists of 2,700+ members and we all come from very diverse backgrounds: country of birth, industry, age, hobbies, etc. However, we all share the same values from that initial group of friends back in 2001.

For this reason, LAM is adding opportunities for our members to interact at a more personal and professional level than just dancing. [Don't worry, that will never change!]

Latinos A Morir has partnered with Hispanics Mean Business to provide intimate events for those interested on personal growth, community improvement, and professional success.


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