Hispanic Culture, Spanish language and Hispanic Marketing

The diversity of the Hispanic Culture

One Hispanic group differs from another in many ways even though we are all strongly connected by language and culture.

Spanish language is very important in the U.S. Hispanic culture. Among many U.S. Hispanic families Spanish is the main language spoken at home and although Latinos also speak English everyday at work or school, Spanish plays a very important part in their lives.

Hispanics who speak mostly or only the English language, like third generation Hispanics, still feel connected to the Spanish language through their culture and heritage.

Hispanic family values, traditions and beliefs

In the Hispanic culture, family values, traditions and beliefs are an integral part of who we are. Family is the most important thing in the Hispanic culture. The Hispanic community as a whole is like a big family.

hispanic culture

Hispanic families enjoy and value time spent together with relatives and friends. It is all about sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, cousins and nephews enjoying a holiday at a table. Children’s voices are a familiar background “noise” (a positive one) at every family gathering, sometimes even late at night.

Hispanic Culture and Hispanic Marketing

It is important to be aware of the diversity among the Hispanic communities in order to implement a successful marketing strategy to target the Hispanic market and make it relevant to our culture and traditions.

To understand the Hispanic culture can be challenging if you are not Latino yourself. They we interact with family members, the way we communicate, what we say or what we don’t say, are all important aspects of who we are as a community.

It has been proven, that by using Spanish language marketers have a better chance to reach U.S. Hispanic consumers. Again, some Hispanics may not speak Spanish but the language is still culturally relevant.

By understanding the Hispanic culture, using the right communication, having cultural relevancy and smart research, your business can successfully reach Hispanic consumers.


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